A Guide To The Best Restaurants In Washington, DC

A Guide To The Best Restaurants In Washington, DC

As with most cities in the United States, Washington DC is a collection of unique neighborhoods each presenting with its own charm and style. The architecture and attitude of each of the neighborhoods in Washington, DC, is original and diverse to the other; thereby, creating a cultural patchwork that can be fascinating for both tourists and locals. Washington has plenty of energy and it is rare to find a location void of life or action during the weekends. This article will provide information on the different eateries in Washington and offers a guide to the best restaurants in the state.

1. CityZen – Downtown, Washington

CityZen is one of the most attractive and well-known Asian restaurants in the Downtown Washington area. It is located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and was recently noted by restaurant critics as one of the “hottest restaurants in the world”. Despite having Asian roots, the food offered by the checks has a strong American-French vibe and it is possible to order chicken and dumplings with melon desserts. Three and five-star tasting menus are also available for set orders and you can enjoy these meals in a sophisticated dining area with a signature martini.

2. Zola – Downtown, Washington

Another popular Downtown restaurant in the Washington state is Zola. Located in one of the restored classic architectural structures (the historic Le Droit Building), Zola is a contemporary eatery with an eclectic menu. The food offered is of American design, but patrons can be found feasting on Greek or Lebanese items including lamb tabouleh. One of the greatest characteristics of Zola is the dessert menu where people can order all types of desserts ranging from simple to sweet. Be sure to keep room for the popular peanut butter trifle and chocolate bomb.

3. IndeBleu

Combining the intrigue of the Near East with the sophistication of Europe, IndeBleu invites you to experience a unique style in their sensational Downtown lounge. The motto of this restaurant is to “mingle below, sup above, and seduce throughout” – the owners are able to do this by offering a fusion of Indian and French foods with American-style cocktails. The design of the lounge presents soft nooks with comfortable couches making you indulge in food and cosiness. Who would want more out of a relaxing night out on the town?

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are several restaurants to tempt a person in Washington and these are only a few in the Downtown area. Using this information it is possible to find one to suit your consuming needs.